Friday, August 7, 2009

Oxbridge funding - Why Stuart Syvret should have a grant

When I was doing my PhD in Cambridge the detraction of child abuse was, at times, discouraged by some academics too eager to endear themselves to the higher echelons. When I took one of my collaborators to the Cavendish Laboratory we had a number of Jersey "authorities" ready to reassert that there had been no abuses at "Haut de La Garenne". It is left to the reader to figure out how they learned that we would be there that day and how they got into the laboratory's discussion room. It would appear that there were inside acolytes as well.
This was one of the very many visits that the Jersey gang graced us with. There are few doubts that the university, as an institution collaborated to help them intimidate me, my friends and associates.

Lord Broers, who has since been promoted to a life peerage presided to the University along with the Duke of Edinburgh. The use of Cambridge as an arm of the civil service, Royalty or Masonry is not a proper use for public funds. The university is meant to investigate, educate and form in an independent and thought provoking way. To challenge and stretch the individual, not to subdue, undermine or obstruct the truth. The University was instrumental in aiding obstruction to the course of justice in one of the most important abuse cases in the history of the UK. Surprised ?

On the other hand individuals are not institutions. Lord Broers and the Duke have let down their academics and their students by trying to instil dogma, concealment and deception into a community of highly intelligent and independent thinking scholars. This assault on academia should be highlighted, not concealed. The demoralization of academics who were seduced, manipulated, forced or subdued into participating in the concealment of this case. This assault on independent intellect was only perpetrated by a few regimes in history; nazism, fundamentalist communism, fundamentalist islamism and new labour. Broers reward for humiliating free thinking academia was then to be promoted to the high political ranks. Collusion pays dividends !
It should be said that the Cambridge civil servants do not all have the security of tenured positions and therefore are easy to induct into allowing and even participating in abuse, but also easy to demoralize.
May Broers be left to politics and the Duke consigned to the polo stables.
The naked truth is that the British establishment has abandoned a strict adherence to the rule of law and adopted a lax moral compass that was percolated to a demoralized public service, resulting in the erosion of moral virtue that everyone senses today.

On the other hand Phillip Baillache, now in luxurious retirement, was promoted to knight of the realm and later to honorary fellow of Oxford's Pembroke College. A suiting reward for debasing what the British establishment considered competition. Anti-competition is the trait that emerges from the actions permited by the authorities.

I therefore propose that Stuart Syvret, who is banking his own defence, be financed by an Oxbridge grant to defend justice, impartiality and rule of law in the most vulnerable region of the realm; the wealthy island of Jersey.
It is the duty of academics to lead, to assist democracy and to promote development. It is therefore the Cambridge academic who should defend the freedoms in the UK first, even if it costs him his position of narrow privelege.

Good night and good luck.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Syvret's persecution

Stuart Syvret has been arrested and accused of disclosing information under state secret in his blog.


1: Failing to renew a driving licence after an automatic expiry date.

2: Failing to notify a change of the registration address for my car.

3: Allegedly disclosing controlled data on this blog.

4: The data in question not being formally registered as under my control.

Now, of course it is Jersey style accusations. Nothing there worth anything.

Senator Syvret is now considering defending himself in the case.

What I have been considering is writing Cambridge and soliciting legal representation for Syvret, since the academic establishment was very willing to help obstruct the course of justice but not to engage in the defense of human rights.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bailhache the Dukes protegé

will give a reasonable account of the story in Jersey, with the exception that the abuse is neither ritualistic nor satanic. What it was was systemic and international.

The brethren contains a subgroup of people who are starting to feel uncomfortable with the proximity of the law, and that is why the issue is being trated as damage control.

The Duke of Kent is the patron of ALL the British masons and a "friend" of all the upper crust who will support the crown.

The persecutions were propagated to the main British universities and involved intimidating people abroad. The acts of international terrorism were hiden.

The Dukes were well informed about the situation and helped conceal the facts for the sake of the establishment and the cover up of aristocratic involvement.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Old boys don't snitch

What is the difference between MP's and a catering company ?
One books the cooks ...

Its is very impressive that the expenses debacle has turned out to be all that it has turned out to be. The MP's don't snitch. The business has been going on since the dark ages and there has not been a single snitch. The house might be the right place to run a mafia.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fear, surprise and ruthless efficiency

The 1st cardinal - Heather Brooke

The 2nd cardinal - Stuart Syvret

How does the government plea ?