Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A poke in the Iris

As explained by Stuart Syvret, Iris Le Feuvre was responsible for Education in the states of Jersey. The McGuires were abusers who were actually complimented by the states for their services. (you were best to read Senator Syvret's blog)

The Senator is, at present, very shocked with the treatment that the abusers had and the fact that the McGuires will not face jail. More than fair enough !

I am not at all surprised.

Here is a letter I sent Straw. The refurbishments wizard:

Dear Justice Secretary,

I have felt compelled to write to you this open letter expressing my frustration and deep sense of injustice with respect to the way in which the Haut de la Garenne child abuses at Jersey have been addressed, both by the islands establishment and by the UK government. I would, therefore, like to ask that the UK take over the investigation and appoint an independent legal team.

It is by now clear to the public that there has been a consistent breakdown of the rule of law at Jersey and that the only argument for permitting ongoing obstruction to the police investigation and to the fair administration of justice has been system justification.

The UK is responsible for safeguarding its own commitments to universal human rights, in the face of Europe and the world. It would be a betrayal to us all,and contrary to the spirit of its own involvement in Iraq and Afganistan, if it were to abandon its passion for the guarantee of fair play. The horrors described by the victims of abuse struck us all as unparalleled, and to think that the same rule that allowed and even concealed them is now being trusted to deliver justice constitutes a meaningful discredit to governance at Jersey and, up to now, in the UK.

The Jersey establishment has made clear throughout the years the type of very flawed justice that it can provide. To allow this beloved island and its people to fall under the grip of oppression and hopelessness strikes as unbearable to many who, like me, believe that the promotion of freedoms in the world should be both peaceful and consistent.
The estranged government of Jersey cannot guarantee elementary constituents of a competent and modern democracy and it should not be trusted to carry this mater through.

The UK has been an historical beacon of freedoms and guarantees and, as a nation, it has never collectively bowed in the face of interests, threats or attacks. This traditional spirit has been one of your most admired traits and it is still very much an intrinsic component of modern Britain. Please do not allow it to evanesce into the fast, bright lights of an all too convenient compass. The people of Britain, and not just, deserve to be able to trust, as their unity is above all else a unity of confidence.

Yours faithfully,

(yours truly)

He told his secretary to tell me that the states are a Crown Dependency.
I had already heard !

There is something that I did not tell Straw, or Blair or John Major or Maggie Thatcher or - hold on and on and on - Winston Churchill (?) and that is that upholding human rights and the rule of law is THE function of the state. This is a fact that the British government does not recognize. Plain and simple (and I haven't even read Noam Chomsky yet !).

In my case, I was damaged both professionally and personally, financially and physically by the malfeasance of the Jersey States and the collusion of the British government. Perhaps that was its very intent, to obtain indirect gains through lowering my leverage to carry out science, professional development, enterprise, personal relations and even education. Perhaps it was to favour its own initiatives and enterprises with a feudal flavour.
As Ali G would say, "its cos I is black". And "they is crooks".

What Straw told me is plainly not acceptable. He is going to get two lawsuits instead of just one !
The lib dem are taking legal steps in international court of law and I am considering the same move.

It is even hilarious that the British Government has allowed the situation to go as far as it has. No one even believes that there can be a Spanish Inquisition.

Toodeloo, chaps.

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