Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"When one man is enslaved, all are not free", JFK

I was unsurprised to find that Senator Stuart Syvret had been arrested for questioning at Jersey island. Not because he could be guilty of a crime but because I know his accusers well. That is the very reason why I have never visited the island, that is the reason why I have asked other people to do it on my behalf, and some have. The situation at Jersey has been described in good detail by Senator Syvret, but the underlying reasons for the behavior of the oligarchy, their connections, friends, affiliates and methods, have not yet been fully exposed. The tyranny in the island has been, in reality, supported by a number of entities and mechanism that I intend to explain the best that I can in future blogs.

I have been, for the best part of the last 30 years, a victim of the Jersey establishment. I have been persistently persecuted by them and by the British establishment, as a result of whistle blowing with respect to child abuse and crimes of terrorism, committed at home and abroad. It is the many stories of this endless persecution, its motivations and the people behind it that I plan to recount to the readers of this blog in a free format.

Reading that the Senator is, at this point, concerned that a hacker is attempting to bring down his blog is also not surprising. Trying to silence him is a necessity and I am only surprised that they have not yet resorted to other forms of violence, as they have done with me in the past. Lenny Harper, the police investigator who conducted the initial stages of the inquiry complained about defamation, threats and other forms of abuse. That the UK has permitted it and even substituted the true policemen for a couple of friendlies who are more than ready to collaborate in the damage limitation exercise, is indicative of the UK's true stance on this matter. UK prestige oblige! The UK will tell you that you are right to complain, that they are following the situation closely but continues to undermine the victims and stealthily assists in the concealment. As the Senators blog comes under threat, I think it is perhaps time to start another.

Naturally, the allegations that there have been data protection law violations are an excuse, the regime needs to intimidate and suppress. It needs to make understood that certain things cannot be said without paying a high price. These undercurrents are exactly what would be expected from their methods of subversion and underground plotting.

The Secretary of Justice, Jack Straw, is responsible for upholding the respect for human rights in the island and in the UK in its multiple forms. This is yet another situation, where the true problem is at Whitehall. The nonfeasance of British politicians is the true origin of the problems at Jersey and the origin of almost all problems in Britain. In addition, the islands status as a Crown dependency, where the "Crown" is an entity that is not accountable is, in itself, anti-democratic. It is correct to say that the situation is one of state sponsored terrorism against the people of Jersey and dissidents abroad.

If you write Secretary Straw about this you will get the same answer I did from Janet Tweedale assuring that he is being well informed, and above all else the island is a crown dependency with its own elected systems. No one is accountable for state sponsored terrorism perpetrated under the crown.

With respect to the role of the UK in this, I believe that it configures collusion with the Jersey establishment. Whitehall does not want extensive investigations into this matter, for that would imply uncovering the links to the highest spheres of the British society including politicians, universities, intelligence, business, royal connections, entertainment, press and, of course, masonry. All types of people who have known of the abuse for many years but have always failed to denounce it.

The strange behaviour of the BBC relates to the fact that they too are more inclined to let go in the name of "sensible reporting", and that is to say they don't need the trouble, just like the police and the others. A nice old boy usually keeps his job, but a maverick can join the depression ranks. Even the chief of police, the corageous Graham Power, found that out the hard way.

At the very least it proves lack of due diligence in uncovering and stopping further abuse in the Island and abroad, as the oligarchy does persecute its detractors with fierce resolve. The investigation had, clearly, not been dealt with as it should have been before the Power/Harper team and now it is not more than in damage limitation mode. The UK does not wish percolation to their power structures.

The UK pretends to be sympathetic with the victims of abuse, while trying to conceal the true extent of the pact of convenience.

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