Monday, April 27, 2009

BBC, censorship, the Duke of Kent, inspector Clouseau and the British parliament

"I never saw so many shocking bad hats in my life.", Duke of Wellington about the House of Parliament

The Jersey child abuse, as we know, involved local government officials, clerics, one aristocrat, figures from the entertainment world and even allegedly people from Whitehall. Naturally, the motivation for concealment was strong. The BBC, as I have mentioned, knew well in advance of 2007 that there were serious allegations against the systemic failures in childcare at Jersey. Paxman was informed as well as the former head of the BBC, also the Chancelor of the University of Cambridge, Lord Alec Broers, and the Duke of Kent knew about the problems long before it became public knowledge. The same with Senator Stuart Syvret. As a mater of fact, my move to Cambridge was partly motivated by the fact that I was harassed by Philip Bailhache both in Portugal and in Spain and therefore the issues needed to be resolved once and for all. The British government should have been aware of the situation also, but the failure to act was typical of their behaviour. The government is deliberate in their resolve to do things only when absolutelly necessary, or otherwise get compensations for doing their duty.

With respect to the unwillingness of the BBC, Police, UK governance, Portuguese governance, Portuguese Police, the Crown and the University to help bring light on this issue. It all boils down to one thing; inconvenience in facing the issues, fear of facing people in high places including the Freemason network of old boys and, in the end, a distaste for the rugged victims - since they are of lower social status - and an intrinsic submission to the British of the palatable upper crust. A complex of collusion and corruption.

The BBC: Knew, but did not tell - Fine censorship.
The Duke: Was well aware of the allegations long before the last accusations of abuse - Fine mason.
The Police: Inspector Clouseau was at work for 40 years in the UK also - Fine blind eye.
The House: Is where some abusers were. At Jersey Senate and allegedly Whitehall - Fine rapists.
The Oxbridge: Started out by denial, turned lack of sufficient evidence, turned embarrassed admission, turned silent - Fine education.
The Queen: Knew, but does not do interference - Fine ornament.

In addition to this, the British establishment has found, in lies, enough leverage to meddle in my affairs; scientific interests and professional advancement, business and enterprise, personal relationships, family, emotional wellbeing, personal finance and privacy.

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