Sunday, May 3, 2009

The open masonic lodge and the closed Jersey island

"The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one's real and one's declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink", George Orwell

Given the nature of the problems at Jersey, the collusions and the involvement of the establishment, both in the island and outside, is it not clear that the masonic lodge is corrupt ? Why is it still open ? Why has the Duke of Kent not closed the lodge in Jersey ? Well, officially there is no evidence of a cover up. However, masonry has known of these allegations for many years and the Duke of Kent, as the grand master, should have taken action to ensure that the brethren does not become a threat inside and outside of Jersey. The Duke, who was for a number of years the Chancellor of the University of Surrey, made certain that the University environment remained either hostile or inhibited, subdued or intimidated, avoidant or otherwise unwilling to recognize abuse. The need for academics to remain in line with official policy was suggested by alluding to the involvement of the powerful. The Duke of Kent and Lord Alec Broers defined the academic dogma that would underpin the academic pact of denial and collusion. A large majority of the academics in Britain do not have a permanent position, something that places British academia at the mercy of impositions from above, and in particular of chancellors favorable to the cover up, dogmas, ideological restrictions, etc. The establishment, whenever it controls the educational institutions and exacts upon them, is paying a criminal disservice to society. The subversion, in this case, of the fundamental principles of an independent and critical thinking education, does bring attention to the words of JFK about secret societies ( Speech ), and is a fundamental offense to freedom and free choice.

Lord Alec Broers has been, for the large part of this process, an established figure who needed to gain the approval of the political masters. Compliance, fidelity and malleability to suggestions from the government and the crown are the lifeblood of promotions in the civil service. He is now a life peer, partly as a reward for allowing strings of control and an unwritten gagging order over the University of Cambridge.

The Duke of Kent has known of the allegations of child abuse since times immemorial. The fact that he is the leader of the masons implies that he should have done enough to ensure that this type of abuse was not carried out by members of the masonry. Instead, he tacitly colluded with the Jersey lodge for years and still flaunted the shamelessness of trying to clinch to the computer pioneers and to hamper high level scientific development.

The Crown, that does not intervene in the day-to-day affairs of the dependency, has the resources to investigate and denounce, the power to influence and expose. With respect to this affair it did not. Why ? First, there are the masonic links. The protective wall of secrets and the link to the master mason, the Duke of Kent. The alleged involvement of one aristocrat and finally the inconvenience of it all in the face of the rest of an establishment that did nothing to bring this issue into the light.
And now, we have the Duchess of York exposing bad child care conditions in Turkey ( ABC news). That it is commendable that people have the best interests of children in care in mind is obvious, but I cant help but to be disappointed at the fact that Ferguson did not expose the Jersey oligarchy when I am certain that everyone in the family knew of the facts well before they came to public light.

The lodge will now try to find evasion from the debacle, by inventing innocent explanations for most things and most importantly by claiming that they had no knowledge of the abuse. In fact, I was personally persecuted by the Jersey oligarchy that went to extreme lengths to convince people that there was no wrong doing, but most importantly to leave people feeling threatened. They went after me to the University of Coimbra, Cambridge, several scientific conferences and workshops, scientific institutes and places of employment. All in the line of intimidation, lies, innuendo and subversion of the law. There was, for certain, obstruction to the course of justice and a very large number of people outside Jersey have witnessed, in first hand, their pressures and their lies.

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