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Masonic Brethren - The power network

“Its laws are reason and equity; its principles benevolence and love; and its religion purity and truth; its intention is peace on earth; and its disposition good-will toward man.” , Rev TM Harris

Two Dukes, reason and equity

Have you ever wondered why so many American presidents have been masons ?
It is because they have a better chance.
The mission statement of self-improvement in the masonry leads to networking and the formation of internal fraternities that facilitate career advancement. In politics, that is essential to build a support power network that then functions as a stepping stone to the aspirational politician.
The fact that the brethren uses a front mission statement of brotherly love and moral advancement is also useful.

“Freemasonry is an institution essentially philanthropic and progressive, which has for its basis the existence of God and the immortality of the soul. It has for its object the exercise of benevolence, the study of universal morality, and the practice of all the virtues.” , Constitution Grand Orient of France

But let us look at some of the people we know:
In Jersey island morality has been work in progress at best; Bill Clinton, a mason, had the morals of a teenager even as a President and George Bush, also a mason, was what everyone knows. The "practice of all virtues" is certainly remote to most brethren I know.

And the Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of Kent. The two Dukes of higher education, fomenting universal morality at Cambridge and Surrey. The independent thinker or a detractor of paedophilia will have to consider moving to other Universities, or abroad, if he does not wish to become persona non grata in the process of honest inquiry.
While I was at Cambridge I tried to inquire the reason why the University and its department of criminology had not investigated the allegations of abuse at Jersey. Only to find a wall of silence on the part of the local criminologists. I have always considered that to be the influence of the fact that the Duke of Edinburgh is the Chancellor of the University and therefore the uncovering of brethren is not a priority for research. The above mentioned law of equity for masons. Meant, in this case, that the educational institutions in Britain were well aware of the abuse, but even so failed to make it public due to internal convenience and management of interests. The Dukes were the currency of influence and the peddlers of intimidation, lending a barrier of "social superiority" and "natural" aristocracy to a deliberate dogma: To ignore the abuse, its consequences, its victims, its perpetrators and its accomplices.
Anyone, who like me, preferred to see the issue fully exposed was then "invited" to leave. That is to say would be targeted with undercurrents, abuses, threats and violence enough to consider giving up or be seriously wounded. Something similar to what has been happening to Senator Stuart Syvret.

The Dukes could have exposed the abuse, the BBC or other news agencies would have listened. They did know. So what is the reason for the inequities of the Dukes ?

I firmly believe that there are serious deficiencies and threats to freedoms in the UK and that the mentality of "natural" aristocrats is not helpful. Either Royals, prestige politicians or masons, there always seems to exist some caste of natural superiority. This is what sets Britain back by a few decades when it comes to embracing freedoms in a truly modern mindset.

Raising Barriers

Whenever there is whistle blowing, there are barriers being raised. Let me tell you a couple of stories that happened to me:

1) Outlaws MC - the Warwickshire chapter

2) The Portuguese Mob

To come.

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