Tuesday, May 12, 2009

LGC Forensics and Jersey, the tropical island.

It appears that the forensic work for the Haut de La Garenne affair was carried out at LGC forensics, Oxford. Given that Lenny Harper was accused of incompetence, and now that they think we should doubt most things, could it be that LGC was insufficient ? In other words could it be that LGC has hindered the research ? How come the skull turned out to be a coconut ? Tropical island ?
The "top" cop they sent in wants a quiet, well paid, retirement and knows how to be praised by the establishment.

See the blog about the latest on the cover up.

The Jersey affair, with the collusion of the UK governance, does constitute a grave violation of civil rights in the island and elsewhere. The right to individual freedom, the right to investigation, fair trial, etc, etc, etc.

I find it difficult to believe that the BBC is a problem in Jersey without being an issue in the UK. The collusions of the BBC with the establishment are ill explained. There has to be a good reason why the BBC never denounced the abuse during 30 years of prior knowledge. The inconvenience of the news possibly stems from infiltrated abusers, or otherwise plain irresponsibility.

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